Because of their importance, SCADA outages are unacceptable and require quality assurance testing rather than in-field beta testing. If an organization or manufacturing plant has successfully audited its processes, it will have fewer problems with external auditors. An audit does not replace normal quality control efforts, but supplements them. SCADA networks are a combination of hardware and software that control and monitor industrial processes. These regulations are meant to ensure manufacturing companies are safe from cybercriminals. The manufacturing industry has a high number of work-related fatalities, injuries and illnesses. Manufacturers need to incorporate continuous intrusion monitoring and incident response protocols for their SCADA networks as a primary cybersecurity feature. Thus, to protect the SCADA environment from external intrusion or internal malicious activities, manufacturers need to incorporate this information as part of their risk management process. 3 Designs and implements risk management policies and infrastructure that sufficiently address the relevant risk issues. Moreover, health risk assessment of PAHs exposure showed that lung cancer risks were 9.06x10(-4) … The survey found that 93% of respondents said that risk-management oversight rests with the full board or audit committee, but only 2% of respondents reported having a risk committee. Understanding Risk Assessment in the Manufacturing Industry Published February 12, 2019 by Karen Walsh • 4 min read. These and other audit triggers are covered in more depth in the report, along with audit profiles and outcomes for each of the high-risk industries. The risk analysis for the manufacturing industry starts by reviewing the risk and necessity of each SCADA network connection. 8 Control and Risk Assessment 26-27 9 Internal Audit in ERP Environment and Systems Audit 28-30 10 Relying on External Opinion and Reference of Auditor Expert 31-32 11 Audit Conclusion and Corrective Measures 33-34 12 Report Writing and Audit Report 35-37 13 Introduction to Plantation Industry 38-66 Also, modest improvements in addressing strategic risk may mean the difference between a quarter or a year where performance dips, versus a longer decline that becomes difficult to reverse. Still, the second annual BDO USA LLP analysis of risk factors listed in the most recent 10-K filings of the largest 100 publicly traded U.S. Manufacturers should engage in a physical security survey in conjunction that focuses on SCADA connection access. Manufacturers need to incorporate security tools that enable system administrators to effectively identify active services, patch level, and common vulnerability. The factors were analyzed and ranked by order of frequency cited. As such, it becomes more difficult to secure the systems because they are often outdated as well as prime cybercrime targets. A fraud risk assessment to identify exposures and provide recommendations to mitigate them. As a next step OEC performed a 14 section audit on the entire manufacturing operations at