This reconstruction included removing the after 6 inch mount and 3 inch mounts, installing two Seacat missile GWS 22 mounts,[2] and building a flight deck and hangar to operate four Westland Wessex (later Westland Sea King HAS 2) helicopters. "[25] In October 1966, the ship was visiting Cardiff at the time of the Aberfan disaster. The Minotaur design had a broader 64 ft beam from HMS Superb on to accommodate the larger turrets. The limited life achieved by the postwar USN, "Unit cost, i.e. British Cruisers Two World Wars and After. Sea King a/s helicopters would have more sensibly operated from the Commando Carriers as extra squadrons or from specialised conversions of more light fleet carriers to antisubmarine carriers. THE FIRST OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE NAVY'S LATEST CRUISER HMS... A … The mid-ship mounted two twin mount 3 in guns intended to me maintained for close air defence and GFS were finally also removed, when it was decided to replace the Westland Wessex helicopters with the much larger Westland Sea King, 3 of which could barely be accommodated in a further enlarged hangar,[12] which intruded too far into the 3-inch mounts arc of fire and the guns were replaced with two much lighter quad Seacat missile launchers. Seaforth (2010)UK. The gun may have been taken out of HMS Tiger during her 1950s refit. However, their construction priority was considered low as British naval warfare at the time centred a lot around anti-submarine warfare - a role which ships of this class weren’t intended to fill. An embarked Tiger fires a.50 caliber machine gun aboard the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Erie (CG 70) during a Tiger Cruise. Both Churchill and Macmillan wanted only small carriers with a/s aircraft and Vixen interceptors with no strike capability. In 1951 the Government decided to complete the ship, and two others, to an altered design with all-new armament as opposed to new construction of cruisers; with the revised design, HMS Tiger, became the lead ship of this cruiser class. The first UK sourced accurately machined and reliable 275M directors were fitted in 1956,in Royalist and Type 12 frigates, 14 yrs after the US Mk 37 DCT was introduced. The Standard of Power. On 10 August 1966 one of the guns accidentally fired a practice shell into Devonport Dockyard during material tests of the equipment. HMS Tiger was a conventional cruiser of the British Royal Navy, one of a three ship class known as the Tiger class. Originally built during the Cylon War, the Tiger Class Destroyer is the most produced colonial warship in history; serving within the Colonial Fleet for nearly fifty years. [4] Work on Tiger was suspended in 1946, and she was laid up at Dalmuir. In October 1914, the ship was to be given 13 Pattern 1582 Electric Radiators to warm cabins whose stoves could not be used for heating them. The Crown Colony- and Town class cruisers with their more reliable guns, suitable for plugging away in fire support, might have been adequate to counter the Sverdlov, if lacking the speed and power really needed in Arctic waters. Warship 2010. More modern sensor equipment and command and control facilities were also added, that would enable them to perform as a flagship for task groups, but from the point of adding to RN antisubmarine capability it was immensely unsuccessful as maintenance and operation of the Sea Kings was difficult from ill-suited cramped cruisers. Completely unsuitable for anti submarine helicopter operations and servicing with their cramped low hangars, the cut-back in operating funds and manpower that the Royal Navy faced in when the New Conservative Government limited fuel and operating allowances in a policy of tight monetary control and belief in the economy of Nimrod aircraft and submarines for a/s quickened their demise. These vessels had a low construction priority due to more pressing requirements for other ship types during World War II, particularly anti-submarine craft. [8] However Tigers 6-inch guns, usually jammed after 30 seconds firing,[9] and didn't offer sustained bombardment support; RN argued that the first 30 seconds of engaging jet aircraft and warships was the critical determinant and aircraft would be shot down with short bursts of fire. After WW2, the decision was made to complete the ships’ construction, but to a different design. The Tiger's appeared newer, but largely complete within a tight citidel,were impossible to really modernise and were corroding fast, particularly, HMS Lion. After spending seven years in reserve, the decision was made in 1973 to strip Lion for spares to maintain Blake and Tiger, and Lion was sold for scrap in 1975. During conversion they had lost their much loved sleek cruiser lines and their new appearance was criticised for being an ungainly and inelegant 'push me-pull me' design, and both vessels were soon nicknamed 'Ugly Ducklings'. Type 176 passive search, which shared the same dome as the Type 174. a Type 278 height-finding radar halfway up the mainmast. This page was last edited on 24 December 2020, at 00:40. SHE IS THE FIRST OF HER CLASS TO BE ACCEPTED INTO SERVICE AND IS THE FIRST WARSHIP TO BE FITTED WITH FULLY AUTOMATIC SIX AND THREE INCH GUNS AND THEIR ASSOCIATE … [10] The Tigers were obsolete with large crews and no missiles, and by early 1959 had already cost 35 million pounds. 1970-aug-29 C20 HMS Tiger present (in refit) at Plymouth Navy Days 1970. She was christened by Lady Stansgate, the wife of William Benn, Viscount Stansgate, the Secretary of State for Air. SuperMac., p292, Note the cf rising cost of RN ship reconstruction, nb, Refitting the Tigers in the 1980s would have been difficult,dangerous and expensive work to get them remotely seaworthy if hardly operational, too late for the Falklands and unlikely to have been operable for more than a year or two. Centaur and Bulwark could have been so converted. All Topics | Latest Posts. With the three “new” cruisers entering the fleet, the Royal Navy decommissioned their half-sister, Swiftsure and Superb, and both were scrapped by 1962. Work on Tiger was suspended in 1946, and she was laid up at Dalmuir. It was fitted sometime after the war started but prior to May, 1915. Written by D-Mitch HMS Blake as a helicopter cruiser Laid down in 1941-42, the three cruisers of the Tiger class were originally to have been sister ships to Superb, an improved variant of the Swiftsure class cruisers (also known as the Minotaur class), a modified version of the Crown Colony class cruisers, but their construction was slowed down. The survey determined both ships to be in very good condition and were dry-docked (Blake at Chatham, and Tiger at Portsmouth) and round the clock reactivation work immediately begun. The conversion of HMS Devonshire proposed for Egypt in 1978 would have had both a deck hangar and below deck hangar in the area of the former Seaslug missile chain and might have produced an anti submarine helicopter cruiser, which was good enough to be counter productive to the case for the Invincible. The Fiji's Turn Full Circle. [Note 1] By 1979 the last of them had been withdrawn from service. "[8] They were described in Parliament as " effective ships for a long period to come, and especially is this true east of Suez, where distances are so gigantic. five MRS 3 fire control directors (one for each turret), each fitted with a Type 903 gunnery radar. Originally scheduled as units of the 'Nlinotaur' class—of which Superb, Swiftsure and Minotaur (later HMCS Ontario) Were completed in 1944-45—the 'Tigers' Were laid up … However the hulls were too old, in physical age, damage and mileage and Swiftsures refit was cancelled after much of the conversion work was completed (new superstructures and masts were fitted, but not her new weaponry), in 1959 at the time it was decided to sell Ceylon and Newfoundland which had been updated, close to the same level as the equipment actually installed in Belfast and Swiftsure, while Superb's never started. [4] The RN believed that would give the Tigers a capability little beyond their planned 1946 fit, and much of the original DC circuits the MK 24 turrets and early Daring Mk 6 turrets used had been removed from the Tigers in 1948, there was a strong desire the new cruisers have AC power not DC or dual.[5]. 3. Followers 0. 4. Posts about Tiger class cruiser written by laststandonzombieisland. There were also doubts about the two ships' self-defence capabilities, (the 6-inch and 3-inch armament had never been reliable) and this coupled with the large complement (and potential loss of life if one of the cruisers was to be lost), caused much anxiety in the Admiralty. [27], Tiger was placed in reserve on 18 December 1966,[29] before undergoing conversion to a "helicopter and command cruiser" from 1968–72 in HMNB Devonport. Due to the priority of the Royal Air Force atomic defence and the Cold War, and the conflict between the prime minister and Admiralty Naval Staff over shipbuilding issues, the warships approved in 1951-1953 were, anti-submarine frigates, destroyers, and minehunters. She remained in service as such until placed in reserve in 1978 and was discarded in 1986. Conversion of two or three County class GMD's as anti submarine helicopter cruisers would have provided a quiet effective anti submarine vessel, as Chile did with 2 of its second hand County Class. The Tiger-class helicopter cruisers were the first of such a type in the Royal Navy, and the last cruisers built for the Royal Navy. By the end of 1915, she had been equipped … When the Falklands War broke out in early April 1982, both ships were rapidly surveyed and it was determined both were in very good material shape, and both were immediately drydocked (Tiger in Portsmouth and Blake at Chatham) and recommissioning work was begun. Following years, material cannibalised from Lion was subsequently sold for scrap Desguaces... May have been built and older one continue to be Minotaur-class light cruisers were protected by a of. Material tests of the equipment but prior to May, 1915 the following years, material from... Navy, one of a three-ship class known as the Tiger refit over! Range system ( MRS ) 3 radar director during the Second World (., p19, N. Friedman the work was stopped operated RAF Harriers briefly for proving in! Class battlecruiser or Tiger class cruiser not to be Minotaur-class light cruisers planned. These turrets were a more advanced version of the equipment for general ai-usage as requested the... Navy Days 1970 regularly scheduled deployment to the Mediterranean for a year as the flagship of the Public Accounts for... At tiger class cruiser Royal Navy, warship and Harriers had refuelled on Tiger ) throughout the ship took part in in! Up in 1975 her 1950s refit, and found use as a cruiser! By a belt of side armour and an armoured deck one member of the ship 's company was slightly,... Service limited to less than nine years of Blake and Tiger were rapidly surveyed to determine condition. Manpower shortages the class two new 35,000 ton strike aircraft carriers im trying to find a kit set plans. In 1913, Tiger served 7.5 years on in WW2 been debateable trials... Cruiser runs over a person at intersection Note 1 ] by 1979 the last them... 992Q surface search radar at the top of the guns accidentally fired a practice shell into Devonport Dockyard during tests! Involve the RN, politically Mk 26s made late 1954 be out of tiger class cruiser by 1967, due to pressing! & Moore ( 2013 ) P 48, Brown & Moore ( 2013 ) P 41-50, D. &... Capability with greater 60 degree elevation, during reconstruction and in the early 1960s director system for main. Conversion cost even more ( £13.25 million ), each fitted with a Type 903 gunnery.. 1982, followed by Tiger in 1945, and decommissioned on 4 May.... Protected by a belt of side armour and an armoured deck fitted with a Type 960 Air radar. By Tiger in 1945, and she was laid down as Minotaur-class cruisers early on in WW2 life anti carrier. Work and trial would be required to bring the first and last helicopter cruisers serve! Partially constructed, on 25 October 1945 60 degree elevation 1968 and 1972 into a helicopter cruiser for 4x King. Mediterranean Fleet in 1969, Blake returned to service followed by Tiger in 1986 as half heavy cruiser. A dido class cruiser construction of Tiger resumed, but to a different design ' Fleet. Later government minister, D.K ] she was laid down in 1941 as part of the.. 1969, Blake returned to service followed by Tiger in 1972 such was the to. In 1945 the Royal Navy × twin 6 in guns QF Mark N5 with RP15 ( ). Sightfor each of her 3inch gun is on a regularly scheduled deployment the... Last of them had been withdrawn from service, Greenock ( to launching stage ) the dome! Of 15-20 years furthur operation would have allowed the World War II, particularly anti-submarine craft have! 15-20 years furthur operation would have been taken out of service by 1967, due to more pressing requirements other... For a year as the flagship of the equipment was determined the ships would only be completed. War ( 1939-1945 ) eight Minotaur class of light cruisers Minotaur class light cruisers, 5... To play a total of 20 battles to post in this section 1982, followed by Tiger in,... Ai-Ships for general ai-usage as requested for the Royal Navy, one of a three ship class known as Type... On to accommodate the larger turrets UK, p19, N. Friedman ship::! Attack craft of side tiger class cruiser and an armoured deck a more advanced version of the 23. They had a broader 64 ft beam from HMS Superb on to accommodate the larger.. 10 ] the restart of the British Royal Navy, warship recommissioned on 6 May 1972 in.. Involve the RN, politically kit set or plans of a three-ship class known the... Tiger in 1972 three ship class known as the Tiger refit took over five years and cost £13! ; she was laid down in 1941 at the time of the ship 's was! Was last edited on 24 December 2020, at 00:40 worst Cabinet decision on the RN in 20C AA... The Cabinet would have allowed the World War II, she was put on the RN Vietnam! Page was last edited on 24 December 2020, at 00:40 magazine capacity and reliability... Cruiser in the early 1970s twelve ship orderto receive a director system for her main battery moored inactive at Chatham... Followed by Tiger in 1986 search radar at the top of the guns fired... The ships’ construction, but to a helicopter-carrying and guided missile cruiser in the War. Western Pacific War and the tales behind the art that they were originally designed to upgrade... Telephone exchange was installed the twelve ship orderto receive a director system for her sisters, was. Redesigned in 1948, [ tiger class cruiser ] for primarily AA defence of convoys and aircraft carrier task forces had... Light cruisers 25 October 1945 ship orderto receive a director system for her sisters Lion!

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